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Na Pali Coast Magazine | January 19, 2018

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Hanakapiai - Na Pali Coast Magazine

Chris Turner

Two miles hike from Ke’e beach, you will encounter Hanakapiai, a heavenly rain forest valley with lush, multi green colors. Smells of natural ammonia fill the air from fermenting guava and tropical plants while the amazingly beautiful Hanakapiai waterfall gracefully descends the cliff, turning into a refreshing bubbling stream that winds its way through the valley, cutting through the beach to the waiting ocean below.

Beware of the tempting ocean here, the currents are an invisible killer here to 86 people over the years—when in doubt do not go out.


  • Look for tropical birds flying high in the valley. The heavy smell of fermenting guavas floats down the valley; six shades of green fade into windex-blue water. Look for waterfalls and sea caves along the beach.

  • Winter waves carry sands out to the sea. Again, be aware of the dangerous ocean currents here. Note, the small stream waterfalls tucked away on the right, and sea caves. The stream flowing across the beach into the sea starts from Hanakapi’ai Falls, two miles up the valley. Beware of flash flooding during heavy rains.


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